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Room Rentals in Hanover Park

Soccer Field Rentals

Monday -Saturday

9am -10pm


10am - 8-pm

Meeting Rooms | per hour

In-District: $30, Out-of-District: $40, Commercial: $60/$90

No more than 15 people

Dance Room/Kitchen | per hour

In-District: $60, Out-of-District:$80


No More than 50 people


Dance Room/Room A/Kitchen | per hour

In-district:$100, Out-of-District:$120


No More than 100 people

Dance Room/Room A/Room B/Kitchen 

per hour

In-District: $140, Out-of-District: $160


No More than 150 people


Chairs & Tables 

  • Rental includes 50 chairs and 10 tables 

  • ​Additional chairs or tables may be added for $4 per table and $4 per set of 8 chairs.


Security Deposit

  • Security deposit is half the price of the rental fee

  • The security deposit is due at the time of signing this agreement.

Cricket Field Rentals

Field Rental| 630.837.2468

Community Park Cricket Field Rental:  $72 per hr 

Lights an additional: $39 per hr 

Heritage Park Cricket Field: $35 per hr 

Soccer Fields

Soccer Flags: $10 extra per field renter can provide their own 

Ahlstrand Park & Community Park: $65 per hr 

Lions, East & West Harbor Park: $55 per hr

Gym Rentals | Big indoor space | per hour


  • Full Gym: $75 per hour 

  • Half Gym: $45 per hour 

Fall, Winter, Spring 

  • Full Gym: $95 per hour 

  • Half Gym: $55per hour 


Additional Fees for Tournament rental 

  • Attendant: $20 per hour 

  • Tables/Chairs:  $20 per set  

  • Scoreboard Use: $50 per scoreboard 


Athletic Rentals that book more than 10 days in one season will receive a 10% discount off the total at Community Park and Community Center Gym. 

Pavilion/Picnic Rental

For your next outdoor event

Half-Day: $40/$50

Full-Day: $65/$75

Special Event 100 ppl or more: Call for pricing

Additional Picnic Table: $15 per table

Set-Up & Clean-Up

  • $75.00 fee per room for Room Rental Host to set up tables + and chairs and clean them up, mop, and sweep rental facility. 

  • Renters are still responsible for cleaning up their trash and disposing of it. ​



  • Restroom Facilities ​

  • Heritage Park, Ahlstrand Playground, Ahlstrand Fields, and Anne Fox all have restroom facilities (porta-potties). 

  • All other parks/pavilions do not have restroom facilities.

Call to Reserve 


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