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With 21 parks and facilities, the Hanover Park District brings the community together through shared green space, seasonal events, and outdoor activities. 

Mission Statement

We will become a vital asset serving the recreational and leisure needs of our citizens.

Vision Statement

We will be the provider of choice for parks, recreation and fitness within our diverse community.

The Hanover Park Park District 

With 21 parks and facilities, the Hanover Park District brings the community together through shared green space, seasonal events, and outdoor activities. Each park offers something slightly different; guests can game it up at Edgebrook Park's playground and basketball court, or explore nature with Heritage Park's fishing, biking trails, picnic area. During the warmer months, the Seafari Springs Aquatic Center creates a watery wonderland with water slides and pools, while local garden plots encourage community members to plant fruits and vegetables. In addition to these facilities, the park district hosts a variety of events for all ages.

Thank You to the Hanover Park Lions Club and the Village of Hanover Park 

The staff and commissioners of the Hanover Park Park District take this opportunity to sincerely thank the members of the Hanover Park Lions Club and the Village of Hanover Park for their generous financial donations that make participation in recreation programs possible for the children of families experiencing financial hardship. Working together, the Hanover Park Youth activity Supplement Program of the Village of Hanover Park and the Lions Club have assisted many families in Hanover Park to provide activities such as karate, dance, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, swim lessons, aquatic facility passes, and summer camp for their children. Since 1998, more than 100 individual scholarships have been awarded totaling nearly $20,000. Thank you, Lions Club and Village of Hanover Park. Through your dedication, cooperation, and generosity, you have enriched the lives of many children by giving them the opportunity to participate in our Park District’s programs.



• Formed in 1964

• Serves 38,000 residents

• 21 parks

• 6 Facilities:
   • Community Center
   • Ahlstrand Fieldhouse
   • Seafari Springs Aquatic Center
   • Parks Maintenance Garage
   • Longmeadow Activity Center
   • Hollywood Activity Center

• Total Number of Programs: 1,422

• Total Number of Registrations: 5,235



The Hanover Park Park District is its own governing agency. Apart from being located in the Village, the Park District operates and is funded separately from the Village. Resident's taxes are separated in the following manner:


2022 Tax Year DuPage County
(Hanover Park $207,000 Fair Cash Value)


Tax District

Education                                $3,275       62.3%

Municipality/Township           $1,263       24.0%

Library District                           $282       5.4%

Park District                                $268      5.1%

County                                         $169       3.2%​


Total Taxes: $5,257   100.0%





Be a steward of your community by taking part in our program to help beautify the parks of Hanover Park.  We at the Hanover Park Park District are making great improvements to our park system to create safer, healthier, and fun environments for everyone to enjoy.  But we need your help!


This is a great opportunity to get you and or your group involved in the community in a positive and lasting way.  So make the commitment and make your mark on your park! It's as simple as adopting an available park of your choosing and donating your time to one of the following opportunities.


  • Planting Native Vegetation

  • Weeding & Raking Playgrounds

  • Trash Pickup & General Park Cleanup

  • Graffiti Cleanup

  • Visual Site Monitoring


For more information, please contact Steve Bessette, Superintendent of Parks & Planning at 630-837-2468 ext. or via email at


Together we can create change for the future!

The Hanover Park Park District’s parks and trails are great places for people of all ages to relax and recreate. As you know, these areas stay beautiful only with a continuous effort on everyone’s part. 


When using a park, please put trash in its place. If you come upon discarded trash, please help by putting it in a trash container.


Throughout the year, the Parks Department can only employ up to a handful of individuals who maintain the park sites. Volunteer help from our residents and visitors alike is always welcomed.


Parks are open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, unless otherwise posted. It takes everyone working together to beautify the parks and improve the quality of our environment. Thank you for loving your park.



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