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Hanover Park Park District Limiting Rate Increase FAQs


Why is Hanover Park Park District placing a limiting rate increase on the November 2018 ballot?


The Park District seeks to fund long-standing capital improvement needs at its 21 parks and recreation facilities. The District also seeks to address unmet operating needs, including significantly improving park and facility maintenance as well as enhancing existing programming.


When was the last time voters approved funding for the Park District?


It has been 55 years since voters approved funding for the District, the year that the District was formed.


How did the Park District evaluate its capital facility needs?


As part of its most recent Strategic Plan, the Park District conducted a comprehensive review of parks and recreation facilities district- wide. The study included surveying district residents about both the condition of the District’s parks and facilities as well as its programming.


What specific improvements to our local parks are proposed?


The proposed limiting rate increase would dramatically improve the look of your local parks, with new playgrounds, improved athletic fields, updated shelters, resurfaced basketball and tennis courts, repaved pathways and parking lots, pond shoreline improvements, landscaping, new signage and other improvements.


What types of recreation facility improvements would be funded?


Replacement of outdated security surveillance systems, roof replacement, sewer work, new flooring, interior and exterior painting, fencing, replacement of outdated equipment, landscaping and related improvements would be addressed.


What operating needs would be addressed?


The Park District seeks to significantly improve day-to-day park and facility maintenance as well as improve programming to better meet the recreation needs of our residents.


What are some of the anticipated benefits of the park and facility improvements?


The proposed improvements would provide many benefits, including strengthening property values, creating safer and more secure parks and recreation facilities, reducing costly emergency repairs, improving energy efficiency (saving taxpayer dollars) and enhancing our quality of life in Hanover Park.


To what extent has the Park District lived within its means?


The Park District has always been extremely frugal with taxpayer monies. In fact, with operations and maintenance costs increasing faster than revenues, the Park has continued to make staffing cuts and defer maintenance to balance its budget.


Are reserves available to address the proposed improvements?


The District maintains very limited reserves.


How busy are the Park District’s recreation facilities?


The Park District serves more than 38,000 residents and offers more than 1,400 programs. In 2017, there were more than 2,000 “daily” guest visits at the Centre Court Athletic Club. And in 2016, the last time the Seafari Springs Aquatic Center was open for the entire summer, there were more than 22,000 visitors to this facility.


How busy are our local parks?


Visits to our local parks, including playgrounds, ball fields, courts and shelters are down. This is driven primarily by the District’s inability to fund critical deferred maintenance projects. In fact, many of these park amenities are simply unusable. According to community surveys and related efforts to gather community feedback, residents find most of our local parks uninviting.


Does the Park District receive funding from the Village?


No, the District does not receive funding from the Village.


Is the Village responsible for operating and maintaining any of the parks and recreation facilities?


No, this is the sole responsibility of the Park District.


How is the Park District funded?


The Park District’s revenues come primarily from property taxes and user fees.


Can’t the District just purchase their playgrounds from Home Depot/Menard’s?


Since we are a government agency we cannot. All of our playgrounds and their pieces must be commercial grade. We have guidelinesand standards that we must follow.


Has the proposal been downsized?


Yes, the original proposal was downsized by 30%. It’s now a limiting rate increase of 0.25% (one quarter of one percent).


What is the estimated tax impact?


The estimated average monthly tax impact is $5.45 per $100,000 of a home’s fair market value.


What oversight will be in place?


All spending from the limiting rate increase will be publicly disclosed. The District will also continue to provide project updates on its website.


When is the election?


Election Day is November 6, 2018. Traditional early voting starts October 22, 2019.


The Hanover Park Park District 

With 21 parks and facilities, the Hanover Park District brings the community together through shared green space, seasonal events, and outdoor activities. Each park offers something slightly different; guests can game it up at Edgebrook Park's playground and basketball court, or explore nature with Heritage Park's fishing, biking trails, picnic area. During the warmer months, the Seafari Springs Aquatic Center creates watery wonderland with water slides and pools, while local garden plots encourage community members to plant fruits and vegetables. In addition to these facilities, the park district hosts a variety of events for all ages such as Day at the Park, The annual Youth Benefit Ball, and the annual 5K Dash 'N Splash, which raises funds for the district's scholarship program.

Mission Statement

We will become a vital asset serving the recreational and leisure needs of our citizens.

Vision Statement

We will be the provider of choice for parks, recreation and fitness within out diverse community.

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