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Seafari Springs

Rules of the Jungle

  • Parents are responsible for closely supervising their children at all times.

  • Children 10 and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or responsible person 16 years or older.

  • SWIMSUITS ONLY. No cutoffs, leotards or colored shirts. Street clothes and shoes are not allowed on the pool deck.

  • Soapy showers before entering the pool are recommended.

  • Hair below the shoulder must be in a bathing cap or tightly braided.

  • Children not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper, tight-fitting plastic pants AND a swimsuit. All three items of clothing must be worn.

  • Please do not sit or climb on the rocks, fences, ropes or trees.

  • Running and rough play is not allowed in any area of the aquatic center.

  • No outside food, drinks or coolers are permitted.

  • Chewing gum and tobacco products are prohibited.

  • Oil products, lotions, soap, glass or other material that may create hazardous conditions or interfere with pool operations are prohibited.

  • Pool admissions is refused to all persons having contagious/infectious conditions such as colds, fever, ringworm, foot infections, skin lesions, carbuncles, inflamed eyes, ear discharges or any other condition that has the appearance of being infectious.

  • Persons with excessive sunburn, unhealed abrasions, corn plasters, bunion pads, adhesive tape, rubber bandage or other bandages of any kind are not permitted in the pool.

  • NO swimming aids, flotation devices, fins, snorkels, toys, etc. are allowed in the pool.

  • Anyone suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior shall not be permitted at the aquatic facility.

  • Gang activity or paraphernalia will not be tolerated.

  • The public address system is for official use only. Absolutely no paging.

  • The Hanover Park Park District reserves the right to revoke a season pass or suspend the daily admission of any individual for violations of facility rules.

  • The Hanover Park Park District is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  • The Hanover Park Park District reserves the right to make changes to these rules for the improvement of Seafari Springs.


Water Slide Rules

  • All slide users must be 48” tall and be able to swim one length (25 yards) of the pool without touching the bottom.


  • NO metal objects, eyeglasses, sun glasses, keys, metal snaps, jewelry, watches, etc. are allowed on the slides.


  • NO goggles or nose plugs are allowed on the slides.


  • Sliding down head first is prohibited.


  • Stopping, standing or kneeling on the slides is strictly prohibited.


  • Only one person is allowed on the slide at a time, except double-rider tubes for the Anaconda Alley slide.


  • NO diving from slides or into pool from deck.


  • Hands must be kept inside the slide.


  • NO food, drinks or smoking permitted in pool or water slide areas.


  • Patrons will not ride until the slide attendant gives authorization.


  • Please exit the plunge pool immediately after each slide.


  • Violation of any of these rules will result in immediate discharge from the park.



Pregnant women, elderly persons, persons on prescription medication and persons with a history of heart disease, lung disease or high blood pressure should consult their physician prior to riding water slides which may involve high speeds. Patrons may experience impact during these rides. 


The Hanover Park Park District reserves the right to make changes to these rules for the improvement of Seafari Springs.

Seafari Springs

Aquatic Center

1700 Greenbrook Boulevard

Hanover Park, IL 60133

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